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Genesis تكوين 
Exodus خروج 
Leviticus لاويين 
Numbers عدد 
Deuteronomy تثنية 
Joshua يشوع 
Judges قضاة 
Ruth راعوث 
1 Samuel 1 صموئيل 
2 Samuel 2 صموئيل 
1 Kings 1 ملوك 
2 Kings 2 ملوك 
1 Chronicles 1 اخبار 
2 Chronicles 2 اخبار 
Ezra عزرا 
Nehemiah نحميا 
Esther استير 
Job ايوب 
Psalms مزامير 
Proverbs امثال 
Ecclesiastes جامعة 
Song of Songs نشيد الانشاد 
Isaiah اشعياء 
Jeremiah ارميا 
Lamentations مراثي 
Ezekiel حزقيال 
Daniel دانيال 
Hosea هوشع 
Joel يوئيل 
Amos عاموس 
Obadiah عوبديا 
Jonah يونان 
Micah ميخا 
Nahum ناحوم 
Habakkuk حبقوق 
Zephaniah صفنيا 
Haggai حجى 
Zechariah زكريا 
Malachi ملاخي 
Matthew متى 
Mark مرقس 
Luke لوقا 
John يوحنا 
Acts اعمال 
Romans رومية 
1 Corinthians 1 كورنثوس 
2 Corinthians 2 كورنثوس 
Galatians غلاطية 
Ephesians افسس 
Philippians فيلبي 
Colossians كولوسي 
1 Thessalonians 1 تسالونيكي 
2 Thessalonians 2 تسالونيكي 
1 Timothy 1 تيموثاوس 
2 Timothy 2 تيموثاوس 
Titus تيطس 
Philemon فليمون 
Hebrews عبرانيين 
James يعقوب 
1 Peter 1بطرس 
2 Peter 2بطرس 
1 John 1 يوحنا 
2 John 2 يوحنا 
3 John 3 يوحنا 
Jude يهوذا 
Revelation رؤيا 



The book of Kells



According to legend, this alphabet and the order of its letters was composed by Fein’s Farsaidh, with the assistance of Goidel mac Etheoir and lar mac Nema. As the story goes, Fenius was in the Holy Land at the time the Tower of Babel was being constructed. The Bible states that, at this time, there was a single common language spoken by all the peoples of the earth. When this language was changed and corrupted by God as his punishment for the building of the tower, Fenius sent seventy-two scholars out into the world to learn every new language. When the scholars returned to the tower after 10 years had passed, Fenius selected the best of the world’s languages and created in Berla tobaide, the ‘selected language.’ The name given to this new language was Goidelic, named for Goidel mac Etheoir. This was the precursor to Gaelic.


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